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Cement Unit for Jack-up Rig

New Cement Unit for Jack-up drilling rig

Enerpro personnel was contracted to remove the existing 120 tonne cement unit, and install a new lighter 90 tonne unit. The project involved full project management, and a full team of experienced personnel including Construction Supervisors, Platers, Welders, Pipe-fitters, NDT Techs, Scaffolders and Painters. The Enerpro team worked 24 hours round the clock to ensure the project was completed safely.

Hugh Macleod - Construction Director commented ... “As a skilled offshore construction team working against the clock, Enerpro took on the challenge and successfully completed the project safely. This was a slightly different project, in that the team had to maintain all installation activities during a visit from the VP. The OIM could not thank us enough for the efforts we put in for the VPs visit. We were praised for safe working practices, quality of work, and health and safety. It’s always nice to receive appreciation and good feedback on any project, and especially under unique circumstances.”

Enerpro mobilises specialist team

Enerpro mobilises specialist team to Jack-up

The Enerpro team were mobilised to Holland to undertake the safe removal of a cement unit for future use. The project involved full project management, and a full team of experienced personnel including Supervisors, Platers, Welders, Pipe-fitters, NDT Techs and Scaffolders. The cement unit had to be completely stripped from the room along with all pipework, controls, sound proofing etc. An estimated 85 tonnes of equipment was removed. The new owners of the Jack-up rig are converting the asset to a compressor platform for new operations in Africa.

David Wade - Operations Director commented ... “This wasn’t a removal project where the equipment removed was to be scrapped. The cement unit and all connectivity had to be safely removed from the rig for future use. Tight project management, experienced on-site supervisors and skilled personnel were key in making the removal project a great success.”

Bunkering stations completes Rig’s 5 year SPS

Bunkering station design, manufacture and installation completes rig’s 5 year SPS

As part of the Jack-up rig’s 5 year SPS, Enerpro were contracted to survey, design, manufacture and install port and starboard bunkering stations. Following a detailed survey onboard the rig in Dundee, Enerpro submitted GA drawings to the customer for consultation. On approval, Enerpro personnel fabricated and painted both platforms at its Dundee port facility, and undertook full installation. The project involved a full team of specialist including Construction Supervisors, Platers, Welders, Pipe-fitters, NDT Techs, Scaffolders and Painters.

David Wade - Operations Director commented ... “Our Dundee facility is conveniently located on the quayside, offering a complete rig upgrade and repair facility from minor to major 5 year SPS rig projects. Enerpro are able to support any aspect of a rig’s SPS, providing qualified and experienced personnel to ensure a ‘right first time’ approach, safely and professionally.”

Instalation Contracts for Enerpro

Enerpro awarded string of Installation Contracts for Jack-up and Semi-submersible rig operators

Enerpro has secured a string of installation contracts for global oil & gas operators. The scope of work includes the installation of a Bespoke Cement Unit on a Semi-submersible Rig in South Korea, the installation of a TCC on a Jack-up Rig in Dundee, Gear Box repair on a Semi-submersible Rig, and the installation of a New Control Cabin on a Semi-submersible Rig at Invergordon in Scotland.

Bespoke Cement Unit - Semi-submersible rig - South Korea. Prior to installation, Enerpro was contracted to remove the existing 160 ton cement plant. Enerpro personnel fully installed the new remotely operated cement unit which is powered by electric motors. The new unit has a massive weight saving over its replacement, weighing about 100 tonnes. The project was a huge success and was completed 40 days ahead of schedule. David Wade - Operations Director commented ... "we are delighted to get very positive feedback from our client, it's always a bonus when a client responds to the quality of work you produce .... "the Enerpro crew onboard the Semi-submersible rig have all done a very impressive and first class job. The quality and timeline has been fantastic and time wise exceeded expectations. Very hard working group with excellent workmanship."

T.C.C (Thermal Cutting Compound) system - Jack-up rig - Enerpro onshore facility, Dundee. Once the system was installed it then had to be stripped down and re installed on the rig offshore. The project took Enerpro personnel around 7 weeks at the Enerpro onshore facility, followed by a further 4 weeks offshore.

New Control Cabin - Semi-submersible rig- Invergordon Scotland. Enerpro were delighted to be back in Invergordon working on another Semi-submersible. This time the scope of work seen the Enerpro team remove a bulkhead between the cement room and the sack store to allow for the installation of the new Control Cabin. The project was completed on-time and within budget.

Gear Box - Semi-submersible rig – Offshore. David Wade - Operations Director commented ... "this was an interesting project for the team. On completion of an offshore survey on board the Semi-submersible rig, Enerpro progressed with the design and fabrication of a bespoke lifting frame for lifting the gearbox. The bespoke frame allowed Enerpro riggers to lift the gearbox into a suitable position so that the bearings could be replaced in a safe procedure."

Enerpro has proven again that its team of professionals are some of the best in the business. As a relatively new company, Enerpro are quickly building a reputation throughout the oil & gas industry for quality of personnel, work ethic and time management.

Coatings contract

Enerpro team carry out Mud Tanks repair and maintenance on offshore Platform

Hugh Macleod - Construction Director commented .... "Mud tanks are an important part in the solids control system on offshore rigs, and play a critical role in mechanically removing destructive solids and sediment. The welfare of these mud tanks is therefore very important. Enerpro are proud of their offshore maintenance services, we play an important role in the maintenance and repair of offshore oil rigs and platforms throughout the world, keeping them in excellent condition for their operators."

The scope of work included mechanical preparation work, full test and inspection and internal and external painting.

deck and flowline calculations

Enerpro awarded deck calculation and flowline calculation projects for 3 Semi-submersible rigs

Enerpro were asked by three rig operators to carry out deck calculations and flowline calculations for their Semi-submersible rigs. The Enerpro team designed a sea fastening study to DNV standards, and created all calculations to ensure the deck footprint integrity and strength was suitable for the installation of a new control panel being fitted in the sack store. Additional scope of work included making sure the pipe design, construction and characteristics were correct for the fluid and pressure.

Scaffolding services at Enerpro

Enerpro awarded onshore and offshore scaffolding projects in support of installation and maintenance

Enerpro scaffolders are now been utilised offshore every week to assist with rig equipment installation and repairs. With a team available to mobilise, Enerpro are well equipped to undertake projects at short notice.

David wade - Operations Director commented - "Enerpro provide specialist scaffold and access services to the offshore oil & gas, marine, nuclear and renewable energy industry. The offshore oil & gas rig maintenance market is a sector aligned with our expertise. Enerpro are investing in this area with specialist offshore scaffold, rope access and safety netting services.

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