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Technical service manager

Enerpro welcomes the appointment of Ryan Ireland as Technical Service Manager

Enerpro welcomes the appointment of Ryan Ireland as 'new' Technical Service Manager for leading and developing new and current business opportunities within a range of sectors, both on and offshore. Ryan takes on the position with immediate effect and will be based in Aberdeen.

As Technical Service Manager, Ryan will be responsible for overseeing the company's strategic business growth into new and global markets.

Through his previous senior leadership roles spanning over 15+ years within the oil & gas industry, Ryan brings a wealth of technical, engineering and commercial business acumen in the design, installation, maintenance and operational integrity of complex oil and gas systems, both on and offshore. Ryan has a recognised track record of delivering project results.

David Wade- Managing Director commented - " I am very pleased and excited to have Ryan on board at Enerpro as our new Technical Service Manager for the Group. Ryan brings a vast amount of skill, industry knowledge and experience to the company."

Ryan Ireland commented - I am excited to join Enerpro, and I look forward to building upon the company's well-established offerings and reputation. As a team, our aim is to improve how we can offer the highest level of quality, in the service and support function of the business.

I believe my capacity is to develop stronger service innovation and deliver exceptional project results that meet client business needs. Our aim at Enerpro is to provide our customers with a first-class service and value for money approach.

string of contracts in the Jackup Drilling Rig sector

Enerpro awarded a string of contracts in the Jackup Drilling Rig sector

Enerpro management were contracted to undertake a number of varied contracts onboard Jackup drilling rigs across Europe. The scope of work included Project management, sourcing and logistics of equipment, fabrication and installation followed by painting.

One of the contracts involved was salvaging HP equipment onboard the LEMAN 27BC Jackup Drilling Rig in Holland. Contracted by an oil & gas operator, the scope of work involved project management, sourcing of all equipment and consumables, and arranging shipping to Holland.  It was the responsibility of Enerpro management to pick a multi-skilled and experienced team of personnel to complete the equipment salvage project.  With strict management, protocol and an experienced workforce, the project was completed safely within time and on budget for our client.

Then onto Invergordon in Scotland, where Enerpro actioned an equipment installation project for an oil & gas operator onboard the Maersk Resilient Jackup Drilling Rig. We supported the equipment installation project and sourced equipment and consumables to support the project along with team of skilled and experienced riggers who were mobilised to support the project.

Also, Enerpro were asked to undertake the fabrication and installation of a ship & skip system on the Valaris Gorilla VI Jackup Drilling Rig in Dundee in Scotland. Enerpro mobilised a full fabrication and installation team to fabricate and install a grillage and ship & skip system. With the Enerpro head supervisor tied in with our client’s instruction, our team set to work, fabricating everything onsite including the grillage, walkways, handrails, auger chutes, safety bumper bars and stairs. Once the mechanical components were installed, Enerpro installed the electrical components on the package, followed by final preparation and painting.

Further work was requested in Holland, this time on board the Paragon B391 Jackup Drilling Rig, where we were contacted to retire our clients HP equipment. Time was critical for the oil & gas operator, as the Jackup was scheduled to leave its location. Enerpro management quickly resourced the qualified personnel on time and mobilised the team to Holland. Once onboard, Enerpro wasted no time in going through the equipment retirement procedure and completing the scope of work on time, and to our client’s safety instructions and standards.

David Wade - Managing Director commented ….. “we’ve had a great response to our varied services onboard Jackup rigs, and further to the work above, We supported one of our clients by supplying them with equipment & consumables to assist their project on a Noble Drilling asset in Invergordon. It’s normally easy to source equipment, organise logistics and mobilise contractors throughout Europe, even globally, but it was more challenging during the pandemic lockdown. That said, Enerpro succeeded in delivering everything on time and within budget.”

UK, Canary Islands, Netherlands, Gulf of Mexico, UAE, Asia

Enerpro awarded projects in the UK North Sea, Canary Islands, Netherlands, Gulf of Mexico, UAE and Southeast Asia

It’s challenging times for the oil & gas industry, and maybe the most competitive for a long time. With the current pandemic in decline, certain work functions have returned to normal under guidelines, but for many companies, social distancing and lockdown are still preventing a considerable challenge, locally and globally.

Enerpro is continuing to monitor the latest updates about the global outbreak and is taking every action to safeguard the health of our employees and preserve our ability to operate during the pandemic. We have implemented procedural change within our team, we are taking all necessary actions to ensure our operations continue running, and both permanent staff and contractors fully understand and comply with current guidelines.

Enerpro Group is a Scottish owned service company offering a complete range of construction based support services to the oil & gas Industry. We provide personnel of the very highest calibre, highly trained and experienced in their field of expertise. These teams can be tailored to suit our client’s specific project support requirements. 

During the last few months, our teams have been mobilised to many regions, carrying out a range of construction support services. We’ve been awarded projects in the UK North Sea, Canary Islands, Netherlands, Gulf of Mexico, UAE and Southeast Asia. Our scope of work has been varied and included the removal of a Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner (TCC) System on the Valaris 121 Jackup Drilling Rig, an Electrical ATEX Survey onboard the West Bollsta Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig, and a Cement Unit Salvage project on the Borr Drilling Jackup Drilling Rig.

One of our North Sea projects was providing our client with scaffolding support services during their drilling campaign. Enerpro also assisted with the installation of additional mud logging equipment on the Valaris Gorilla V Jackup Drilling Rig whilst in the Dundee Port. We supplied experienced and skilled personnel along with equipment, consumables and materials. Working for clients in the North Sea has become standard practice for Enerpro. We helped support a HP equipment installation project on the Piper Bravo fixed platform by supplying experienced level 4 riggers and mechanics along with CompEx certified electricians. 

Enerpro was contacted to salvage HP equipment onboard 4 x Jackup Drilling Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Enerpro fully project managed the salvage project successfully from cradle to grave. Our skilled management and experienced procurement team sourced all equipment and consumables in the USA along with hiring a Jackup barge to assist with the removal of the equipment. This particular project had to be monitored carefully due to managing a project that was fully depended on the weather. The project was a great success for our client and Enerpro managed to complete the full scope of work several weeks ahead of schedule.

Also, Enerpro was contacted to work on the West Vencedor Semi-submersible drilling Rig in Southeast Asia, where an experienced supervisor managed the supervision of an equipment salvage project. This was another project where our experienced personnel superbly managed the project. 

In Singapore, Enerpro were awarded another Equipment Installation Project, where we assisted our client onboard the new Jackup, the Borr Saga. Enerpro management hand-picked experienced supervisors, who have a track record of delivering projects on time and who have great attention to detail to ensure all targets are met. 

A project in Sharjah UAE was secured and Enerpro was contacted to assist with supervision to oversee the salvage of HP equipment on the Noble Joe Bell Jackup Drilling Rig.

Enerpro carefully selected one of our experienced supervisors who has a vast knowledge of HP equipment and who has a keen eye for attention to detail to oversee this project to ensure it was completed safely, in time and on budget, and to our client’s specifications.

David Wade - Managing Director commented ... “It’s a competitive world out there, and we’ve had to overcome additional obstacles due to the pandemic, but we’re operating as usual, and we are active in several countries. Projects have been spread out geographically, and the nature of the construction support has been varied, but we’ve been effectively delivering high standards as normal practice.”

Enerpro and Government guidelines

COVID-19: preserving our ability to operate during challenging times

Like so many companies, Enerpro has spent the recent months learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our business and ability to operate safely. As part of the global supply chain, and in compliance with current Government guidelines on social distancing, Enerpro has remained open and operational.

Enerpro staff that can work remotely have already made the transition, and feedback has shown that this has not impacted on our ability to operate. Our staff that is unable to work remotely, will continue to follow the strict guidelines on social distancing and hygiene. Contractors will be mobilised as normal, however, within the guidelines set out by the government.

Enerpro takes the COVID-19 threat seriously. We are continuing to monitor the latest updates about the global outbreak and are taking every action to safeguard the health of our employees and preserve our ability to operate during the pandemic. We have implemented procedural change within our team to ensure that we comply with Government guidelines, in an attempt to keep everything running safely. Our team will be taking all necessary actions to ensure our operations continue running. We will be engaging with both permanent staff and contractors to make sure that guidelines are understood whilst operating during the pandemic.

We will provide any updates as the situation warrants on our web page, and via social media. Thank you for your continued support throughout this challenging period. We wish good health and safety to all our business partners, their employees, families, and the global community.

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