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biomass plant

Enerprowelders, pipefitters and construction supervisors

On site installation of 6km of pipeline installation for Biomass Heating system.

A history of previous successful pipeline projects saw Enerpro awarded the installation of a further Biomass heating installation project for the same client. A large bore pipework network was installed between Guardridge and St Andrew’s University. Remote site work was performed by Enerpro’s installation team and was successfully concluded, ahead of schedule, under budget and without incident.

full construction team

Enerprofull construction team

On site installation of 16km of pipeline installation for Biomass heating system

Enerpro were successfully awarded the installation contract for 16km of Biomass Heating pipework for a well known distillery in Craigellachie, Speyside. As the installation was to be performed mid-winter in a remote location in Speyside, Enerpro’s experience in harsh weather and working conditions were called upon to provide the installation team complete with all necessary site requirements. A self-sufficient team, plant, equipment, workshops and consumable stores were mobilised, Enerpro successfully delivered the project under budget, safely and within schedule. This was achieved despite flooding, significant snowfall and temperatures dipping to -15°C and the most stringent NDT acceptance criteria.

on-site construction team

Enerproon-site construction team

On site installation of stainless steel pipework for Scarborough Hospital District Heating

Enerpro were required to mobilise a small, reactive site team to install immediate, necessary modifications to a stainless steel pipework - network of a district heating installation at Scarborough Hospital. Modifications had to be performed immediately on site with minimum disruption. Enerpro were called upon to provide a fully self-sufficient, self-contained team of welders, pipefitters, plant and equipment, to perform the modifications in a timely manner. The project had a very tight deadline and onerous delay penalties for the client. Enerpro successfully performed the modification ahead of schedule and within budget, safely and with no disruption to existing works.