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Bunkering Stations Design, Fabrication & Installation - Valaris JU-100

Valaris JU-100
Oil & Gas
Enhance safety and functionality
ENERPRO’s engineers conducted a site visit, identifying opportunities to enhance safety and functionality by designing new platforms.


As part of the 5-year Special Periodic Survey (SPS) for a jack-up rig, its rig owners approached ENERPRO to address concerns about current bunkering loading bay platforms on both the port and starboard (STBD) sides of the asset.

ENERPRO’s engineers conducted a site visit, identifying opportunities to enhance safety and functionality by designing new platforms. The redesigned platforms would ease access for the STBD crane and prevent hoses from kinking while in their resting position.

The Challenge

The existing bunkering loading bay platforms were not optimised for the intended purpose, posing safety risks and operational inefficiencies. The rig owners sought a solution that would enhance accessibility and mitigate the potential for hose kinking.

The Solution

ENERPRO's experienced onsite design and engineering team took charge of the project. Following a comprehensive survey, the team developed General Arrangement (GA) drawings for customer consultation. Upon approval, ENERPRO personnel fabricated and painted the new platforms at its Port of Dundee facility, ensuring precision and quality. Finally, ENERPRO installed the platforms on the rig.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Safety and Accessibility: ENERPRO's solution significantly improved the bunkering loading bay platforms, providing a safer working environment for rig personnel. The redesigned platforms allowed for easier access to the STBD crane, enhancing operational efficiency and minimising potential hazards associated with manoeuvring in restricted spaces.
  • Customised Design and Engineering: ENERPRO's team leveraged its expertise and industry knowledge to develop a tailored design that addressed the rig's specific requirements. By considering functionality, safety, and operational convenience, the new platforms were optimised for purpose, improving efficiency.
  • Cost Savings and Added Value: ENERPRO's commitment to delivering innovative and optimised solutions at minimal cost provided the rig owners with a cost-effective upgrade. The redesigned bunkering loading bay platforms offered added value by streamlining operations and reducing risk.
  • Comprehensive Service Offering: ENERPRO's capabilities extend beyond bunkering station design and fabrication. Its quayside facility in Dundee facility offers a complete rig upgrade and repair facility for minor to major 5 year SPS rig projects. With qualified and experienced personnel, ENERPRO ensures a "right first time" approach to rig maintenance and upgrades, delivering results safely and professionally.