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Pushing the Boundaries: Vent Stack Scaffolding - ENI 52/5A

ENI 52/5A
Oil & Gas
ENI approached ENERPRO with an urgent request for scaffolding services on platform 52A in the Southern North Sea (SNS).


ENI approached ENERPRO with an urgent request for scaffolding services on platform 52A in the Southern North Sea (SNS). ENERPRO successfully delivered the project, providing adaptability, safety and cost savings, using tube & coupler scaffold.

The Challenge

ENI required scaffolding services within a tight timeframe to allow the construction team to remove the vent stack flare. They needed a solution that would ensure worker safety whilst providing access as the stack was removed in sections.

The Solution

ENERPRO swiftly responded by reviewing the scaffolding design and making the required amendments, before shipping the necessary scaffolding equipment to the platform’s location in the SNS. A team of dedicated scaffolders was mobilised to construct a fixed tower using the tube & coupler scaffold system.

The tube & soupler scaffold provided a number of important benefits. It provided adaptability and safety, allowing the workforce to carry out the construction removal project efficiently.

Following a robust risk assessment, ENERPRO introduced impact guns to the platform for the first time; these were used o to increase project productivity.

ENERPRO's expertise in scaffolding services, dedication to safety excellence and commitment to employing highly skilled scaffolders ensured that the project was completed ahead of schedule.

Key Benefits

1. Safety, Reliability and Adaptability: ENERPRO’s use of tube & coupler scaffold provided a safe working environment for the construction removal project, providing ENI with confidence in its effectiveness and durability. The scaffolding system offered adaptability to complex geometries, allowing for flexible design and construction. This ensured that workers could perform their tasks efficiently and securely.

2. Cost Savings: ENERPRO's prompt response and efficient project execution resulted in significant cost savings for ENI. By delivering the scaffolding services ahead of schedule, ENERPRO contributed to overall project cost reduction. The cost-effectiveness of the tube & coupler scaffold system also played a vital role in minimising expenses without compromising safety and quality.

3. Skilled Workforce: ENERPRO's commitment to employing the best-in-class scaffolders ensured that the project was executed with the highest level of expertise and professionalism. Their skilled workforce contributed to increased efficiency, productivity, and predictability throughout the project, further enhancing the overall outcome.

4.Pushing Equipment Boundaries: ENERPRO’s risk-assessed introduction of impact guns demonstrated market-leading confidence and expertise.

5. Timely Delivery: ENI’s prompt response and proactive approach enabled ENI to proceed with their construction removal project as planned, avoiding delays, and maintaining project timelines.

6. Client Satisfaction: “The ENERPRO team has been a great asset to the platform and the members’ willingness to assist has been greatly appreciated. Everything has been done to a professional standard and always on time.”