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SPS Steelwork Upgrades – Prosafe

Safe Zephyrus
Oil & Gas
ENERPRO was contracted by offshore accommodation vessel specialist, Prosafe, to fully manage and execute the Safe Zephyrus’ 5 yearly SPS (special periodic survey).


ENERPRO was contracted by offshore accommodation vessel specialist, Prosafe, to fully manage and execute the Safe Zephyrus’ 5 yearly SPS (special periodic survey). A contract award in Brazil, required its reclassification by DNV along with regular maintenance upgrades and client requested modifications. The asset sailed from Aberdeen to Las Palmas where the bulk of the project was completed with the remaining construction phase completed on tow to Brazil, and at its destination.

The scope of work included:

  • Structural steelwork designs for fabrication and installation of container landing platforms
  • Accommodation external window repairs
  • CCTV upgrades
  • Gangway upgrades
  • Macerator upgrades
  • Warehouse upgrade
  • Full accommodation upgrade
  • SPS including UWILD to DNV standard

The Challenge

Prosafe was awarded a last-minute contract which required the mobilisiation of one of its state-of-the-art accommodation vessels to Brazil for a long-term contract. The asset was about to complete a UK contract and required its 5 yearly SPS,in addition to client-requested upgrades. An unusually tight time-frame was given for all planning, management and completion, before mobilisation.

The Solution

ENERPRO’s experienced Project Management team wasted no time in creating detailed work packs along with an accurate project timeline. Drawing upon the experience of ENERPRO’s senior management, a realistic timeframe was agreed, presented and accepted, and all work scopes commenced. ENERPRO’s meticulous planning, management of the tender bid and selection of experienced third-party vendors was critical to the success of the project.

As Prosafe’s integrated project management team ENERPRO established clear work scopes, schedules and accurate budgets from the project's onset. Robust communication, planning, and strict adherence to safety protocols ensured the delivery of this complex project on schedule, on budget and without accident or incident.

There were no accidents or incidents throughout the complex project, showcasing ENERPRO's commitment to safety and excellence.

Key Benefits

  • Turnkey Project Management: ENERPRO's efficient project management and execution resulted in the project being executed to plan while delivering all project objectives safely and within the designated timeline and budget. Managing various vendors and deliveries is key and has to be built into the project to ensure project success.
  • Skilled Workforce: With a dedicated team of skilled tradespeople, including project managers, engineers, supervisors, welders, electricians, mechanics, and scaffolders ENERPRO ensured the availability of highly competent professionals to handle the diverse requirements of the project
  • Client Satisfaction: Prosafe expressed its satisfaction with ENERPRO's exceptional performance; acknowledging the quality, timeliness, and professionalism exhibited throughout the project. The positive client feedback demonstrates ENERPRO's commitment to delivering quality service, innovative solutions, and cost-effective outcomes.