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Supply of Scaffolding Services – TechnipFMC

Pipelay vessel, Deep Energy
Oil & Gas
TechnipFMC approached ENERPRO with an urgent request for scaffolding services on its pipelay vessel, Deep Energy.


TechnipFMC approached ENERPRO with an urgent request for scaffolding services on its pipelay vessel, Deep Energy. ENERPRO successfully delivered the project, providing adaptability, safety and cost savings through use of tube & coupler scaffold.

The Challenge

TechnipFMC required scaffolding services within a tight timeframe to facilitate a construction upgrade project on the spooling winch and crane onboard Deep Energy. They needed a solution that would ensure worker safety, provide flexibility and adhere to cost constraints.

The Solution

ENERPRO swiftly responded to the request, shipping the necessary scaffolding equipment to the vessel's location in Cherbourg, France. A team of dedicated scaffolders was mobilised to construct a static tower using the tube & coupler scaffold system.

ENERPRO chose to use tube & coupler scaffold, as it offered several key benefits to this project.

  • It provided adaptability and safety, allowing the workforceto carry out the construction upgrade project efficiently.
  • Tube & coupler scaffold is a cost-effective solution,suitable for various construction applications worldwide. Its reliability andproven track record made it the preferred choice, despite advancements inscaffolding technology.

ENERPRO's expertise in scaffolding services and its commitment to employing highly skilled scaffolders ensured that the project was completed ahead of schedule. The use of tube & coupler scaffold resulted in significant cost savings for TechnipFMC, contributing to the overall project cost reduction.

Key Benefits

1. Safety and Adaptability: The use of tube & coupler scaffold provided a safe working environment for the construction upgrade project on Deep Energy. The scaffolding system offered adaptability to complex geometries, allowing for flexible design and construction. This ensured that workers could perform their tasks efficiently and securely.

2. Cost Savings and Proven Reliability: ENERPRO's prompt response and efficient project execution resulted in significant cost savings for TechnipFMC. By delivering the scaffolding services ahead of schedule, ENERPRO contributed to overall project cost reduction. The cost-effectiveness of the tube & coupler scaffold system also played a vital role in minimising expenses, without compromised safety and quality.

3. Skilled Workforce: ENERPRO's commitment to employing the best-in-class scaffolders ensured that the project was executed with the highest level of expertise and professionalism, contributing to increased efficiency, productivity  and predictability throughout the project.

4. Timely Delivery: The urgent nature of the request allowed ENERPRO to demonstrate its ability to mobilise quickly and deliver the required scaffolding services on time. Its prompt response and proactive approach enabled TechnipFMC to proceed with their construction upgrade project as planned, avoiding delays, and maintaining project timelines.