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ENERPRO Supports Anna Ritchie School

September 19, 2023

Every company knows the importance of supporting local charities. And it’s even more pertinent when the charitable organisation is one which is close to the heart of a team member.

Enter James Murphy (pictured), our QHSE expert, who followed in Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps and made the incredible journey across Antarctica last year, in order to raise funds and literally fly the flag for Peterhead’s Anna Ritchie School.

That trip saw James put his experience of leadership in extreme conditions to the test as he made his way across the continent, but also assist in a programme of citizen science, collecting raw data regarding the environment from hard-to-access locations, exactly like Antarctica!

In other words, not only was James raising money for an outstanding local charity as he planted the pupil-designed flag on the Antarctic Continent, South Georgia & Falkland Islands - he was also contributing to important environmental research.

James tells us it was a privilege to undertake this trip. Well, we think it was a privilege to support him in achieving his aim of raising more than £4,000, which will fund the educational visits that are so valuable to the development of pupils at the Anna Ritchie School.

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